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I didn't even know this lj group existed until today.

I became an active member of the Acid Reflux community near the end of the comic's life. I stayed active until a little while after the comic officially died. Since then, I've still checked up on it occasionally; read through parts of the forums, noticed that new people were joining, and feeling happily nostalgic about my memories of Acid Reflux.
And today I find I find this group on livejournal. Wow.

I would like to thank everyone who remembers when I was active for helping me avoid some of the angst and feelings of isolation that came with teenage years.

And that's all I have to say for now.
(Sarisa: No it isn't. He's just lazy and wants to finish his stupid post. Besides, I'm much more grateful for the voice I got than he is for ANYthing that he received from his time spent with the AR group. Oops, gotta go before he notices I'm here. Weeeee!)
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